Real Food for Bubs

The introduction of solid foods is an exciting time for both parents and bubs. This milestone should be approached in a methodical way, with an emphasis on the quality of the foods being offered. The eating habits, foods and flavors that are introduced from the beginning, will establish behavior and eating practices for your Bub for the rest of their life. So why do so many parents start their bubs out on bland, sloppy commercial baby food? The simple answer is convenience.
21st century parents are so time poor, coping with the pressures of modern life, they rarely have time to cook and puree fresh baby meals daily, which was second nature to the mothers of yesteryear. Health experts do not recommend the use of shelf stable baby food on a regular basis. The texture, taste and nutrition of these meals have been compromised with heat treatment and over processing, not to mention fillers such as rice flour. The good news is that, following trends abroad, more nutritious baby food options are becoming available.
The Bub Grub range offers convenient, portion controlled and highly nutritious frozen baby meals. Unlike conventional shelf stable, commercial baby food, Bub Grub is not heat-treated. Bub Grub utilizes premium ingredients, which are gently steamed, then pureed to the optimal texture, packaged in adorable, convenient and microwave/dishwasher safe tubs, and then snap frozen to retain all the goodness of a home-style meal – with maximum nutrients, taste and texture maintained. NO additives, preservatives, sugar, salt, flavoring, coloring, thickeners or other fillers are added.
As a working mother, Dr Katrina Warren attests to the problem of being time poor, and is particularly excited about Bub Grub, “I’m a dreadful cook but I want my baby Charlotte to eat healthy food that she enjoys. My time is so precious these days, and Bub Grub gives me more “me time”, to spend time doing things I really love – like spending some quality time with my dog Toby” says Dr Warren.
Bub Grub comes in 10 great flavors; from single ingredient smooth puree first foods, through to complete courser puree meals for older babies. There are also loads of quick and easy recipes on the Bub Grub website showing how versatile each product is. The Bub Grub range has been developed in conjunction with nutritionists, a leading food editor and chefs and every meal is endorsed by an Accredited Practicing Dietitian. So parents can rest assured knowing Bub Grub, is healthy and tasty!
 Bub Grub is sent by courier directly to the customers’ house or designated location packed so it stays frozen.
The Birth of the Original Cuski
Introducing Cuski, the original baby comforter, designed to soothe, calm and reassure babies and young children.
Cuski was created to provide babies and parents with a stylish, natural and compact alternative to dummies or bulky blankets. Made from the softest, natural cotton, Cuski is simple in design to help stimulate and develop baby’s imagination.
‘Cuski’ is the anglicised Welsh term meaning ‘to sleep’ and was created to bring comfort to babies and children all over the world.
Cuski is the brainchild of two mothers whose children had tired, worn-out and bulky comfort blankets – a replacement was long over due. When they searched for alternative products, nothing was available so they set about creating the ideal comforter for theirs and other babies. Cuski was born.
The simplicity of Cuski is designed with baby in mind. Tiny hands will love the feel and shape of Cuski; its natural cotton is delicate enough for the most sensitive of skins. This lovable comforter is small enough to travel with you and your baby any time of day or night.
Bonding Is Easy
The sense of smell is important to infants and familiar scents help them to feel secure and loved.
Mummy or daddy sleeps with Cuski for the first night to transfer all those comforting scents onto its wonderfully special absorbent material.
Then, introduce Cuski to baby and they will naturally adopt a new friend. Baby will associate Cuski with reassurance and security, helping to comfort and soothe baby to sleep, whilst giving parents the joy of a well deserved rest!
Bonding with Cuski will eliminate the need for dummies or bulky blankets. To always reassure baby, Cuski is simple, functional and most importantly consistent. Unlike other comforters, Cuski remains the same.
 Calm Feeding & Sleeping
When a mother is breastfeeding, she should place Cuski, with its highly absorbent material, somewhere comfortable inside her clothing; to pick up her familiar scents that baby loves so much. When baby has finished feeding and is ready to settle to sleep, baby will want to snuggle up with Cuski and all those comforting mummy smells will be transferred to your baby, reassuring them that you are always close by.
Parents should do exactly the same when bottle feeding. It it’s daddy’s turn to feed baby, he can also do this. Baby will be soothed quickly when this routine is followed as it is the next best thing to a cuddle from mummy or daddy. Once baby is settled, parents can have a well deserved rest; content in the knowledge that baby is sleeping peacefully.
Comfort & Safety
Cuski is calming, safe and a healthy alternative to other infant comforters. It is generally believed that babies with comforters grow up to be more secure toddlers and children.
Suitable from birth
Fully machine washable
Simple, functional and consistent
Helps to create a healthy sleep pattern
Comforts baby to sleep
Complies with all relevant British, European and international safety standards BSEN71, BS5665 CE
Registered Design Number 2086842
Registered Trade Mark Number 2196415
Satisfied Customers
Obviously, we all love Cuski, but what do our customers think?                           
Cuski Travelled Across The World With Me.
My Mummy bought me 2 “Gees” (Cuskis pet name) when I was a baby, she slept with them in her bed before I was born, and then when I arrived they were always there to welcome me into my cot and remind me of Mummy. When I was 3 months old I went across the world to live in Australia, and I brought my “gees” with me. I am now a big boy of 21 months but my gee accompanies me to bed, to nurser, to playgoup, to my friends houses, into rainforests, to the beach, to the mountains and everywhere I go.
Mummy has a baby in her tummy that will be here for Christmas and she couldnt find a Cuski for it in Australia, so Cuski have kindly sent a different coloured one so we can show everybody Downunder…Thank you Cuski !!
Reubin Mills, Australia
A cuddle from Cuski sends her to sleep straight away.
“From the moment we gave Emily her Cuski she loved it. A one month old I gave Cuski to her for the first time and she immediately began cuddling and sucking it. Now at 3 months old it is more popular than ever.
I have a spare for washing but think I need more for the car, pram etc! Thank you for making Cuski. If she is ever unsettled, she cuddles Cuski and falls asleep straight away!”
Linda and 13 week old Emily
A Huge Success!
I am writing to buy another Cuski after the huge success of the first two. I had twin girls born six weeks early and they had to stay in hospital for 3 weeks.
My mum told me about Cuski. We bought two and I slept with them for the first night so they would have my scent on them. I took them to the hospital the next day and put them in the incubators with the girls and they have never had a night apart since.
Thank you. Mrs. J Champion