About Us

Well I don’t know about you… But one of the first things I do when I visit an online store is find the About Us page. I like to know a little about the people behind the computer… it makes me feel like I am a part of a real shopping experience not just looking at a computer screen….. so here goes!Hi, my name is Lisa. I am the woman behind Bub n Beyond. I must admit I am a little “obsessed” and “fanatical” about this website. I have literally spent hundreds and hundreds of hours researching and finding unique and practical products….And I have loved every minute of it!

My other obsession is my wonderful family, my husband Mark (who is very understanding when it comes to the hours I spend in front of the computer) and daughter Miss E (17 months old and NOT so understanding…. but ever so lovable). Miss E is my inspiration behind Bub n Beyond and I am sure like every other parents knows, she is the love of my life! (along with hubby). Being a mum myself, when I decided to start Bub n Beyond, I became extremely passionate about stocking labels and products that other mums had designed and made. And guess what? There are SO many great items by mums out there…. So what you will find in our store is majority “mums designed and made” Although it is not possible for all the items that I stock to be “mum made”, the items I have, I feel really passionate about!

Bub n Beyond is an online store for parents who want unique and stylish clothes and products for their babies and children, or for those who are looking to find the perfect gift for a baby shower, birthday or special occasion.Don’t forgot while visiting Bub n Beyond, to sign up for our newsletter, which will give you the chance to be first to know about promos and specials. And don’t worry, we won’t flood your inbox with mail every day, we understand how annoying that can be! We have a great article section, which we will regularly be adding interesting information about products we stock, so don’t forget to add us to your favorites.

Our newly created blog will also feature new information and keep you up to date on the life of Bub n Beyond. We will also be featuring a business every month so you too can get to know the mums behind the products you are buying! Well, I hope you feel like you are now more a part of Bub n Beyond. Contact us by email any time, I am never far away from the computer or you can give me a call during business hours…. We are sure you will enjoy shopping at Bub n Beyond. Have a great day!

Lisa xx